Measuring Viscosity Of Fresh Concrete By Sensing Torque

Our client used a bespoke torque measurement system for reducing waste in concrete mixing by understanding the viscosity of the fresh concrete. With the help of torque data, they were able to save money and improve the efficiency of production.

Advancing Motor Performance with Accurate Torque Measurement

Read how the EUFS team was able to improve motor performance (and vehicle dynamics) with highly accurate torque and shaft power data from a High-Spec Dynamometer, built in-house and featuring Datum M425 torque sensor and DUI.

Product Design Verification by Measuring PTO Torque Output Of A Tractor Shaft

Here’s how Comer Industries used Datum Power Monitoring System (PTO) to verify the optimised performance of the Powershift gearbox and find out the difference between the predicted duty cycle and an actual use in the field.

Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensors: Real World Application In Mining

Read how a one of the most established mining complexes in Australia implemented Datum’s 3–hole bolt-on weighing sensors, eliminating risks of potential failures and reducing maintenance issues to a minimum.

Using A Temporary Shaft Power Measurement System To Comply With Regulations

Learn how Marine Scotland used our portable Shaft Power Measurement Kit system made it possible to take the system onboard, collect and analyse data on site to perform an engine verification procedures.

Measuring Torque To Improve Motor Performance & Efficiency Algorithms

Sperre As is sharing their story of how they’ve used the Datum Torque Measurement Solution, an M425 Torque Transducer accompanied by a DUI, to test and optimise VSD algorithms on their ROVs.

Preventing Breakdowns By Using A Bespoke Torque Sensor

Discover how Stork used a custom Torque Transducer to prevent breakdowns and maintenance by developing a system, able to accurately detect faults in real time and suggest the best course of action on site.

Proving Pump Efficiency With A Dynamic Torque Sensor

This case study reveals how Kawak Aviation used a non-contact Datum M425 Torque Transducer to prove their new helicopter refill pump efficiency by highly accurate measurement of shaft power.