Using accurate torque measurement for building ultra-high-performance motors

Our latest case study explains how accurate torque and power measurement data can improve improving the design, prototyping and verification of the world’s most power-dense permanent magnet electric motors.

Bespoke Power Measurement System for Heavy-Duty Pumps Using Existing Couplings

In this case study Datum team designed and delivered three torque sensing solutions and conduct permanent monitoring on heavy duty pumps for a lower cost, than fitting a competitor’s single standard torque sensor.

Torque Sensor to Measure Efficiency of Pumps as Turbines for a Micro-Hydro Plant

 Find out more about DWR UIsce Project, or how Trinity College Used Torque Sensor to Measure Efficiency and Actual Performance of Pumps as Turbines for a Microhydro System.

Engine Power Verification With Datum’s Portable Shaft Power Measurement System

Discover how Shiptech RDA used Datum’s Shaft Power Measurement Kits to improve engine power verification process on fishing vessels, ensuring compliance with strict marine regulations in Europe.

Dynamometer Torque Sensor Improves Motor Power Density

Explore how Ashwoods Electric Motors used an in-line dynamometer Torque Sensor to facilitate prototyping and development stages of their new electric motor technology by improving their power density.

Using a Torque Sensor To Test Motor and Gearbox Performance

Find out how Parvalux created a torque sensing solution, using Datum Torque Sensor, to compare theoretical analysis of their motor and gearbox combination, against actual performance on their new product line.

Torque Sensor Helps Determine Actual Gear Motor Load & Efficiency

Read how a Datum Rotary torque sensor helps determine actual gear motor load & efficiency, enabling Mellor Electrics to profile the gear motor’s performance under various loads that their customers required.

Bolt-on Strain Sensors Ensure Reliable Silo Level Measurement

Take a look at how our bolt-on strain gauge sensors are enabling B-Konnet to perform continuous level measurement and precise stock inventory in storage silo applications in Chile, South America.

Building A Motor Test Rig Using An M425 Torque Transducer

Find out how we helped Motivity Ltd. with building a motor test rig to evaluate the actual motor performance of their new product, benchmark alternative motors and develop a full specification for the motor their customer.

Using A Digital Torque Sensor To Measure Motor Efficiency

Read how Stannah build a dynamometer, using a rotary torque sensor to accurately measure motor efficiency performance to be able to understand their performance, like torque, speed, thermal characteristics, current and voltage, etc.