Shaft Power Measurement Kits are available in two formats, the standard and the compact kit. The compact kit is ideal for single day trials, while the standard one is used for long duration trials of between 30-60 days.

Datum Shaft Power Measurement Kits

Datum Shaft Power Measurement Kits open the opportunity to collect torque, power and RPM data accurately on site. The new Shaft Power Measuring Kits from Datum Electronics provide engineers with the opportunity to measure and monitor shaft power accurately in the field. The kit can be applied using minimal skills in six simple steps and provide accurate data on a portable PC within less than an hour.
Shaft Power Measurement Kits

The kits are available in two formats, the standard kit that provides data from the shaft for long duration trials of between 30-60 day and is supplied in a robust weatherproof shaft housing. The second format is a compact version, ideal for single day trials, to access power levels and torque characteristics such as start-up or maximum torque levels.

Both Kits have been designed to be easily fitted with a minimal of on-site operations. The strain gauges used are supplied with the connector to remove the need for soldering and have an encapsulated coating to simplify environmental sealing.

The system provides an output of shaft torque, shaft rpm and shaft power. The instrumentation has an accuracy of 0.1%

Each Kit is supplied with a simple to use PC utility to display and log the data and optional interface is available to provide 4-20mA or +/-10vdc for logging and control systems.

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Series 430 Shaft Power Measurement Kits

Standard Shaft Power Measurement KitCompact Shaft Power Measurement Kits

Standard Kit

  • Shaft Sizes 90mm – 1100mm
  • Battery Life 30-50 days operation
  • Dual Channel Torque/Strain
  • Thrust Option Available
  • Shaft Speed Sensor
  • PC Software

Compact Kit

  • Shaft Sizes 30-500mm
  • Battery Life 30 hours
  • Single or Dual Channel
  • Thrust Option Available
  • Shaft Speed Sensor
  • PC Software

System Advantages

  • Measures Shaft Power, Shaft Torque & Shaft Speed as a basic function
  • Thrust Option is available
  • Easy to install with a step-by-step guide
  • Logs, records and displays ‘real time’ data
  • Portable & lightweight design
  • User-Friendly software
  • Compatible with 2 data channels and shaft speed

The Datum Electronics Series 430 Shaft Power Measurement kits are designed to measure the on-shaft torque for trials and torque testing applications on rotating shafts between 30mm to 1100mm in diameter. They can be used as simple testing of power levels or as a key tool within extended trials to assess fuel efficiency or performance improvements.

The system is designed for measuring power and torque on drive shafts, applications including marine ship shafts, prop shafts and vehicle drive shafts. The trials kit measures the on-shaft torque with the addition of being able to provide a second channel of strain data. This can be torque, plus one other, normally this would be speed in order to give a power measurement information through the shaft. Other useful measurement examples include torque, thrust, bending and load.

Measurement & Analysis

The Datum Electronics Torque Trials Kit does more than just measure Torque; it can be used to verify power outputs from engines and motors.

Torque Trials Data

  • Power Transmission
  • Torque Trials
  • Vibration and Torsional Acceleration
  • Power Transients
  • Peak Torque Levels
  • Power Delivery
  • Shaft Vibration

The main advantage of the Series 430 shaft power and torque trials kit is how easy the instrumentation is to install, set up, test and operate. The trials kit consists of three main component elements making this trials application system as easy and simple and possible.

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Permanent Shaft Power Measurement Systems

We also have a commercial ship shaft power meter system, developed to meet the requirements of marine industry customers, is used on vessel propeller shafts to measure ship performance data any time including shaft horsepower, torque, and RPM and compare historical data on an hourly, daily, monthly or annual basis. The system is modular, has a flexible shaft fit and can be installed with a minimal disruption to the ship system.

By providing continuous power output measurements, as well as aiding fuel economy and equipment maintenance planning. Robust, permanent, modular and simple to install, the commercial marine shaft power meter accurately monitors the efficiency and performance of the ship’s transmission systems, leading to large savings on running costs.

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