• Series 460 3-Hole Strain Gauge Bolt-On Sensors | Series 460 3-Hole Bolt-On Sensor|Series-460 3 Hole Strain gauge Bolt-On Sensor

    3-Hole Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensor

    The Series 460 3-Hole Bolt-on strain sensor has a unique design, eliminating the temperature effect on bending and strain of the application, and can work in almost any environment and in any weather.
  • 2-Hole Bolt On Strain Gauge Retro Fit Weight Sensor | Load Cell Sensor Designed To Be Fit Without Welding for Strain Measurement

    2-Hole Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensor

    Our Series 460 2-Hole Bolt-On Sensor is not only an essential product for measuring micro-strain, but it can also become an integral part of a strain monitoring system for using in harsh environments.
  • Type 132 Load Cell Amplifier|Type 132 Load Cell Amplifier|Type 132 Load Cell Amplifier

    Type 132 Load Cell Amplifier

    The Type 132 Amplifier is designed to amplify the signal from any load cell with full bridge connection, allowing the user to use the data from the load cell in a more efficient and productive way.
  • Load Cell Amplifier - Type 133

    Type 133 Load Cell Amplifier

    The Type 133 Load Cell Amplifier enables a customer to be able to configure and amplify analogue outputs to several combinations based input ranges and on Current or Voltage outputs.