Torque Sensors / Torque Transducers

Torque Sensors / Torque Transducers

  • M425 Size3 Rotary Torque Transducer|||M425 Rotary drive line torque sensor|M425 Digital In-Line Rotary Torque Sensor | Torque Transducer|M425 Digital Rotary Torque Transducer

    M425 Rotary Torque Sensor

    M425 non-contact rotary torque sensor | torque transducer with keyway shafts offers high accuracy across the complete torque measurement range from 0-10Nm up to 60,000Nm.
  • Custom Bespoke 60KNm Torque Sensor|Torque Sensors (10kNm to 500kNm)|Torque Sensors (10kNm to 500kNm)

    Custom Shaft Torque Sensor Solutions

    We also offer Rotary Power Sensors, Rotary Torque Sensors and Torque Meters that are capable of measurements above our standard range of 20,000Nm to meet the needs of our customers within a commercial environment.
  • FF410 Static Torque Transducer

    FF410 Static Reaction Torque Transducer has been designed with nominal rated torque levels from 250 to 10,000 Nm. Using standard DIN flanges, this static transducer is made more efficient than other options available.
  • RS425 1000Nm Torque Transducer | Torque Sensor|RS425 Non Contact Torque Transducers|Rs425 1000Nm Torque Transducer|RS425 1000Nm Torque Sensor | Torque Transducers|RS425 1000Nm Torque Transducer 2

    RS425 Bearingless Torque Transducer

    Non-contact RS425 Bearingless Torque Transducer has either a spline or key way shaft for use down as low as 1Nm and up to 500kNm, giving customers the ability to use it for fully sealed or underwater applications (IP 68).
  • Torque Sensor 200Nm-FF425|FF425-60000Nm Non Contact Torque Transducer|FF425 Non Contact Torque Transducer | Flange Torque Sensor|FF425 Non Contact Torque Transducer Range|Torque Sensor 200Nm Type FF425|FF425-200Nm Torque Sensors|//|Rotary And Static Torque Transducer FF425

    FF425 Non-Contact Torque Transducer

    FF425 Non-Contact Rotary Torque Transducers with flange couplings at either end that has the ability to choose sample rates from 1 up to 4000sps, providing a reliable and highly accurate torque measurement solution.
  • Custom Engineering Solutions For Strain Gauge Based Industrial Sensors | Static & Rotary Torque

    Custom Industrial Torque Sensors

    Datum Electronics are able to provide both modular and custom designed torque and rotary strain measurement solutions, which can be complete as one off or as fully integrated OEM solutions.