Shaft Power Measurement Solutions

Permanent Shaft Power Meters, Temporary Shaft Power Measurement Kits for Sea Trials, PTO Power Take Off Monitoring and Other Shaft Power Measurement

Shaft Power Measurement Solutions

  • Datum Naval Shaft Power Meter System|Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System|Datum Electronics Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System

    Naval Shaft Power Meter Systems

    Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System has passed rigorous MOD and MIL testing programmes and is able to provide an accurate tool to monitor propeller shafts on ships by measuring shaft speed, torque and power.
  • Datum Electronics Shaft Power Measurement Kits|Temporary Kits For Shaft Power Measurement|Portable Shaft Power Measurement System|Portable Shaft Power Measurement Sensors | Shaft Power Measurement Kits|Shaft Power Measurement Kits | Portable Torque Sensors|

    Shaft Power Measurement Kits

    Shaft Power Measurement Kits are available in two formats, the standard and the compact kit. The compact kit is ideal for single day trials, while the standard one is used for long duration trials of between 30-60 days.
  • Datum Electronics Marine shaft Power Meter System Installation on the Ship Shaft

    Marine Shaft Power Meter Systems

    The Marine Shaft Power Meter Systems have been developed for Commercial Marine customers with shaft installations from 150mm up to 1100mm and used for fuel economy and equipment maintenance planning programs.