Continuous Load & Strain Measurement Services for Silo & Offshore Structures

There are times when using a standard torque transducer is not an option and require an alternative solution, able to withstand harsh conditions of operations or lack of space to install an inline torque and shaft power measurement system.

Bolt-on sensors, on the other hand, are compact, versatile and capable of measuring static and dynamic on the load with high accuracy. Easy installation with minimal intrusion and effort, as well as protection against moisture, shock and vibrations, make them a unique solution for construction, marine, automotive, agriculture, aerospace and military industries.

Frequent Applications

Commonly, bolt-on sensors are widely used to monitor strain in statically and dynamically loaded units such as bridge, building components, silo, large mechanical equipment, mobile cranes, cooling towers, liquid tanks, presses and roll stands. Unlike conventional weighing systems, bolt-on sensors are cheaper and easily retroffitable, without sacrificing the accuracy of data.

They are also ideally suited for inventory monitoring and other weight measurement applications, relating to stress, load & fatigue monitoring, overload protection and vibration detection. Thus, for example, when bolted onto a vessel’s support structure (like opposite sides of the pipe legs), bolt-on sensors turn the vessel into a live weighing system that cam measure overloading and prevent damage, significantly reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Additionally, recent stringent regulations brought in by EU Commission, compel heavy vehicle operators and manufacturers to for a real-time on-board weighing system, eliminating the necessity of visiting a vehicle weigh bridge and improving efficiency in the transport and logistics sectors.

Bolt-On Sensor Solutions

Our strain gauge bolt-on sensors are used for years in a variety of installations. Being directly attached to a supporting structure without affecting its integrity, they can detect tensile, compressive and bending stresses, converting them into a digital or an analogue signal, depending on your system requirements.

Series 460 3-Hole Strain Gauge Bolt-On Sensors|Series 460 3-Hole Bolt-On Sensor|Series-460 3 Hole Strain gauge Bolt-On Sensor

Using latest electronics, Datum Electronics offer two types of multi-element bolt-on strain sensors that are quick to install without any fine wiring or soldering. Its practical robust design allows the sensor work in almost any environment, in any weather and even under water if required. Rated to IP68, all our sensors are pretested and checked during the final assembly to ensure long-term reliability.

Key benefits:

  • Robust and sturdy
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Analogue and digital outputs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Cost-effective
  • Provide highly accurate data

OEM Designs

Datum strain gauge bolt-on sensors are widely recognised in many industries that require weight inventory and overload monitoring system. Apart from a standard range of bolt-on strain sensors, our team can create an OEM prototype and develop sensors, tailored to customer’s specifications:

Bolt-On Strain Measurement Solutions

  • cable length
  • variety of outputs: full bridge strain gauge, 4-20 mA, CAN Bus, RS 485, 0-5 Vdc, PWM
  • amplified outputs
  • mounting methods: bolted or glued
  • temperature compensation, if required