Shaft Power Measurement Solutions: Torque Pump and Motor Testing

Depending on the nature of our business, shaft power measurement, be it temporary or permanent, can improve efficiency, protect your equipment from overloads and prevent unexpected breakdown costs.

Shaft Power Measurement Explained

Shaft Power is the mechanical power transmitted from one rotating element of a vehicle, ship and all types of machinery to another. It is usually calculated as a sum of the torque and the speed of the rotation of the shaft.

Datum shaft power measurement instruments are mounted directly on a shaft to provide you with live readings of the shaft’s torque, speed (rpm) and power output that are continuously transferred to the universal interface. Whether on the test rig, or in the field, shaft power and torque measurements show accurate breakdowns of the engine’s, pump’s or propeller’s performance, and highlight areas for improvement. For example, before mass production or to optimise engine’s design and configuration, a series of tests are required to understand its power and fuel consumption, the effectiveness of cooling, vibrations, and noise.

We, at Datum Electronics, understand that there various environments that such tests need to be carried out, and as such a number of different solutions may be required. This is why we offer two several solutions for those looking to ensure that the performance of their machinery is the best it can be.

Measure Torque and Speed

Shaft Power Measurement KitOur Shaft Power measurement systems can be either temporary or permanent and in some cases start as temporary installations that are later converted in permanent systems and fully integrated with our customer’s monitoring and control systems.

Datum Standard Shaft Power Measurement Kit is suitable for those who are looking to undertake long-duration trials. This is the solution often recommended for those carrying out tests that span between 30 and 60 days, and comes completed with a weather-proof housing.

Our Shaft Power Measurement Compact Kit, on contrary, is perfect for single-day trials, while still being able to monitor power levels and obtain torque characteristics.

Both kits can be used within a number of different sectors, so regardless of whether you’re looking to measure the performance of your motor vehicle, or you need to ensure that your ship shaft is operating in the most cost-effective way, Datum Shaft Power Measurement Solutions are flexible and can fit almost any shaft.

Shaft & Torque Measurement in Marine Applications

The Datum Shaft Power Meters can be installed on ship’s propellers shafts to enable accurate assessment of the efficiency of the system in terms of input (usually fuel or electrical) and output (mechanical shaft power). Our Torsion meters are designed to increase fuel saving, improve maintenance scheduling and protect marine equipment.

Once install and the efficiency of the system has been established, the Datum Marine Torsion Meters are able to show changes to efficiency due to poor quality fuel, operating conditions, process changes, degradation of the engine, hull & propeller condition and so on.

Measuring Shaft Power in Other Industries

Apart from marine applications, our shaft Power measurement equipment is used in a number of other industries, including automotive, agriculture, renewable energy, offshore, aerospace and even Formula 1. Applications for shaft power measurement sensors include determining the amount of engine and motor testing, turbine performance, and validation and measuring mixing peak torque levels to name just a few.

Another common usage of the system is to measure torque changes and overloads to help with the design of drivelines and overload protection.

There’s a number of shaft power measurement technologies that can offer you a trust-and-true solution. With over than 25 years of experience and design expertise, our shaft power measurement solutions offer you the latest reliable technology paired with:

  • Robust Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Highly Accurate Data
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Suitable for Any Shaft Diameter

If you’re currently looking to ensure that you’re able to yield the best performance from your equipment and want to make sure you get the most effective and cost-efficient solution, then why not contact us today for an informal discussion.