Datum Extends Industry Standard Torque Measurement Range
02 June, 2011

The Datum Electronics M420 rotary torque transducer has become the industry standard and is used in over 50 countries across the World we have expanded the range with the introduction of the Size 5. The Size 5 increases the standard torque range of the M420, with 18 ranges from 0-10Nm up to 0-10,000Nm, with two […]

The Datum Electronics M420 Enhanced with additional features
03 May, 2011

Datum Electronics Industry standard rotary torque transducer the M420 has been enhanced further making it even more accessible to customers looking to analyse data and to measure torque, speed and power. As part of Datum Electronics continuing mission to improve torque measurement, if a dynamic measurement is required the M420 can now be upgraded to […]

Datum Electronics Installs Marine Torsion meter system onboard Sea France Flaghsip Ferry Sea France Moliere at Sea
17 March, 2011

Datum Electronics Installs Marine Torsion meter system aboard Sea France’s Flagship Ferry the SeaFrance Molière Datum Electronics Shaft Power Torsionmeters have gained a reputation for reliability and cost effectiveness based on our experience of providing Torque and shaft power solutions to Marine and other industries worldwide. At Datum Electronics we supply Torsion meters not only to […]

C440 New Heavy Industry Torque Measurement Tool
03 March, 2011

  Datum Electronics the specialists in supplying torque measuring solutions have introduced another industry leading product; the C440.  The C440 is an accurate heavy duty torque inspection tool which brings of accurate torque measurement to many civil engineering applications.  A completely non-contact torque sensor which is simple and easy to use and easy to install/remove […]

Shaft Power Measurement Kit
04 February, 2011

Shaft Power Measuring Kits open up the opportunity to collect simple accurate on site data (Torque, RPM and Power) The new Shaft Power Measuring Kits from Datum Electronics provide engineers with the opportunity to measure and monitor shaft power accurately in the field. The kit can be applied using minimal skills in six simple steps […]

Datum’s Torque Log Software Now ‘7’ times more efficient
17 January, 2011

Datum’s torque transducers can easily output data in a variety of simple formats when utilising our 400 series interface modules.  The interface module’s USB output has given customers even more flexibility in viewing their torque, speed and power results live and direct onto their PC, Laptop or Netbook.  Datum have developed our own easy to […]

New Interface Module Enhances Datum’s Torque Transducers
23 November, 2010

Datum Electronics industry standard Torque Transducers; the Series M420, known for its simplicity and reliability has received a technical boost with the introduction of our 400 series interface module.  The new 400 series interface module allows the user to receive their data in a simple, efficient and reliable manner.  The 400 series torque transducer interface […]

Marine Torsionmeter 3rd final Installation aboard SUPER Ice Class Tanker
02 February, 2010

Outfitting Yard and builder:       Factorias Vulcano, S.A.                       A new 30 thousand tonne deadweight 1A Super ice class tanker, is nearing completion for Rosneft at the Factorias Vulcano shipyard in the town of Vigo, Spain. The tanker is designed to navigate in […]

Datum Electronics Awarded contract for Sea King Gearbox Test Rig Torque Measurement
08 September, 2009

Sea King Gearbox Test Rig Torque Measurement The AgustaWestland SeaKing Main Gearbox development facility has utilised the Datum RS420 Series Transducers since 2003, they have now extended the capacity of this facility and installed new RS420 Transducers to measure higher torque loading. The RS420 series provides a great range of advantages on test rigs as […]

Jaylor improve their product Sales by utilising the Datum Electronics PTO Torque and power transducer
01 July, 2009

Jaylor Fabricating Inc. Jaylor has recently purchased a second Datum Electronics PTO Torque transducer, and plan to use a transducer as a sales/marketing tool. Luke Vandergaag, Jaylor Design Engineer says”: “The 420 Series Torque Transducer has been an efficient tool in measuring actual PTO horsepower.  Jaylor Fabricating Inc. has performed over 100 field tests in […]