Datum Patent New Diesel Engine Efficiency Technology
11 February, 2015

Datum Diesel Hawk System keeps a constant watch on the efficiency of your engines. The ©Datum Diesel Hawk System, keeps a constant watch on the tuning and condition of your diesel engine. The Datum Hawk System, constantly watches the profile of the torsional forces delivered by the engine to its drive shaft. As each cylinder acts […]

Datum Electronics Ltd Christmas Cheer
10 December, 2014

The Team at Datum Electronics Ltd have all joined together to spread the Christmas Cheer on the Isle of Wight for the second year running by supporting the Isle of Wight Toy Appeal This year the team at Datum Electronics have given 23 Gifts and dropped them off to the local Isle of Wight Radio Centre […]

Datum Electronics Ltd. Celebrates 25 years
02 October, 2014

This year (2014), Datum Electronics Ltd. celebrates 25 years in industry, supplying Industry with torque shaft power and specialist load/bolt on, measurement solutions. The Management Team: L to R, Adam Collier (Engineering Manager), Malcolm Habens (MD), Paul Lynch (Sales Manager) Dave Wheatley (Sales), Amelia Lucas-Chin (Admin), Emma Wright (Accounts Admin) Since 1989, we have been […]

Datum Electronics Ltd. and Easy Marine Corporation Ltd. Working together for the shipping industry to reduce fuel costs and emissions
04 August, 2014

By bringing together the expertise of Datum Electronics Ltd in supply of Ship Torsion Meters and Shaft Power Meters, and the experience and knowledge of Easy Marine and their suite of products, we can now offer the Marine market what it needs. A complete solution! We can now provide a scalable and simple package for […]

Commercial Marine Toque and Power Meters for China
01 May, 2014

Order received for 20 of Commercial Torsion meter, shaft power meters to be supplied to Chinese shipyard. Datum Electronics Ltd. is pleased to announce the agreement to supply an order for 20 Ships torsion and shaft power meters, for a Chinese shipyard. This was marketed and sold through our Chinese distributors HK Haichuan Int’l Limited The […]

Datum Electronics has designed a new user and control panel interface for its entire torque sensor range
22 April, 2014

The products that will utilise the functionality of the interface are: • Torque Sensor Ranges M425/420, RS425/420 • Permanent Shaft Power and Torque Measurement systems • Shaft Power Measuring Kits  The new interface will enable direct access for setup and data acquisition via Ethernet. This facility will allow sensors to be tested and integrated remotely in control rooms; […]

New M425 Generation of Torque Transducers from Datum Electroincs
14 April, 2014

Following on from the highly successful M420, the latest range of Torque Transducers from Datum Electronics Ltd. gives our customers a high quality series of transducers and interface options that allows the user to configure the transducer and connect it to their own systems. The Datum M425 transducer range available from 10Nm through to 60,000 Nm, with […]

Vessel Performance Monitoring
21 February, 2013

Datum Offers Ship Performance Integrators flexible systems for shaft Power and torque Do your systems require, or are your customers looking for, Real Shaft Power and Accurate Torque data? Are you looking to find ways to integrate, or do your customers demand, accurate information from your systems relating to Ships efficiency, performance and condition monitoring? […]

Latest Commercial Programmable Display and Controller Launched
06 August, 2012

The Datum Electronics’ “Commercial Marine Torsion Meter” (MTM)  now offers even more flexibility and control to customers who want measure Power and/or torque.   The new programmable touchscreen interface not only delivers the expected real time displays of Torque, Speed and Power, but gives the customer options to personalise their new system with its customisable […]

Rotary Power Measurement without changing Drive Train
29 June, 2012

Datum Electronics torque expertise allows us to apply our standard solutions to traditionally non-standard environments; we are aware of the challenge of accurately measuring torque without being able to introduce an inline transducer to the drive train. Increasing we are seeing a need for more accurate torque measurement systems where customers are needing real time […]