Datum Electronics Investment in Sustainable Business Development
19 March, 2018

Datum’s customer-base is truly international and with the express intention of reducing their carbon footprint, the company has recently invested in the Cisco Spark Board, to aid their global communications.

Providing Torque Sensing Solutions for All Industrial Applications
01 March, 2018

With 30 years of torque, power measurement and equipment manufacturing expertise Datum Electronics provides both industry standard off the shelf solutions, in addition to tailor-made systems and products.

Datum Electronics Introduces Maintenance Free Waterproof Alternative To Slip Rings
24 January, 2018

Introducing a new range of contactless replacements for slip ring applications, DX 8600 Universal Wireless Data Link. The system is fully waterproof and doesn’t rely on friction to enable data & power transmission.

Annual Highlights 2017 at Datum Electronics
19 December, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business in the last 12 months and what a year it’s been for us all here at Datum!

Datum Electronics Opens New Office in Athens, Greece for Our Ship Monitoring Systems
13 December, 2017

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the company’s presence to include Athens, Greece, to provide cost-effective shaft power measurement solutions to Greek and Cypriot Customers.

7 Reasons an M425 Rotating Torque Sensor is a Go-To Solution on The Torque Sensor Market
07 December, 2017

Non-contact rotary torque sensors are the most precise and the affordable method of measuring torque across different industries. Here’s what makes an M425 torque sensor your go-to product in 2018.

New EU Legislation on Vehicle Weights and How It Affects Truck Manufacturers
22 November, 2017

Datum Electronics bolt-on sensors is a great benefit for heavy vehicle manufacturers, offering a simple fix that can help to maximise profits, minimise overload and reduce damage, as well as many safety benefits.

We Are Explaining How to Maximise Vessel Performance at Europort in Rotterdam
02 November, 2017

We are talking about how the dynamic data from the commercial marine shaft power meter potentially can maximise vessel performance by 10 percent, providing significant cost savings for ship owners & operators.

Top Weighing and Strain Measurement Applications for Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensors
10 October, 2017

Designed to easily fit numerous applications in any harsh environment, Bolt-On Sensors eliminate the need for complicated and costly installation works and provide accurate and reliable results for many years.

Datum Electronics Appoints New Commercial Marine Product Manager
02 October, 2017

Datum Electronics, a global product leader in torque & shaft power measurement solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Gladdis as our New Commercial Marine Product Manager.