Datum Electronics sponsor Vestas Sail Rocket on their World Speed Sailing attempt Sail rocket in Action
10 October, 2008

Datum Electronics are proud to sponsor Vestas Sail Rocket, by supplying specialist prototype strain measuring products. Malcolm Barnsley of the Sail Rocket program asked Datum Electronics to assist with coming up with a design which would measure the strain on the structure of the Vestas Sail Rocket for testing and during their coming attempt as […]

Datum Electronics Launch New PDA based Torque indicator
02 August, 2008

The Datum 440 Torque analyser and PDA system is a non-contact torque transducer which uses a remote handheld PDA based indicator. The torque data is transmitted from the coupling/rotor via a digital telemetry system. Power provided to the unit via standard “C” size re-chargeable batteries. The Datum 440 system comprises three parts; a Torque Analyser […]

Tractor & Machinery features Datum’s Series 420 PTO Power Monitoring System
09 May, 2008

Power Take Off System featured inside The Datum Electronics Series 420 PTO (Power Take Off) Shaft Torque and Power Monitoring System has been designed to log the torque, shaft speed and transmitted power accurately when testing new systems driven from all standard PTO Shafts. The tractor’s PTO or stub shaft, transfers power from the tractor […]

Drive Trains – Analysis & Control with Datum Electronics
25 April, 2008

RS420 Torque Transducer – Testing Drive Trains Datum Electronics in partnership with George Kingsbury engineering, have been included within a US Patent award for a system which will monitor, analyse, and help understand how Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) affects all manner of drive train systems. RS420 Torque Sensor The Datum Electronics Torque sensor has […]

Distributors & re-sellers required for torque and sensing equipment
10 April, 2008

Distributors & re-sellers required Datum Electronics Ltd is a UK based company specialising in providing definitive designed solutions within the field of sensing and testing Distributor Network As a result of an increase in recent sales opportunities, we are looking to expand the distributor network for its range of Sensing and Torque related products and […]

Significant Improvements in mixing process control
08 April, 2008

Rotary mixing processes in a diverse range of industries from Bio-Chemical to Concrete production show significant changes in viscosity as the mixing cycle progresses. Accurate & Reliable Measurement for Mixers An accurate and reliable real time measurement of the mixing viscosity has often been a missing element in the process control loop. Systems are produced […]

Torque Measurement Specialsts on Rotating Machinery
06 March, 2008

Torque Transducer Specialists Improved efficiency, accurate monitoring, reduced failure rates. Over the last few years a combination of market led demand and the availability of new technology has led to a large number of developments that will find new applications. These will also provide great benefits to the many modern industries that demand efficiency and […]

Experts in Torque Measurement
26 February, 2008

UK Suppliers of Torque Sensors & Torque Transducers Datum Electronics is an established designer, manufacturer & supplier of Torque Sensors, Torque Transducers and other torque measurement systems, based in the UK. Our torque transducers and torque sensors use strain gauges, bonded to a shaft, offering reliable and accurate torque measurement for any requirement. The Series […]

Series 430 Torque Trials Kit
02 February, 2008

Torque Trials Kit for shafts 30mm – 1100mm The Datum Electronics Torque Trials Kit will supply all equipment necessary for assembly of a shaft torque (power) trials kit which can be utilised for industrial and marine ship shafts, between 150mm – 1100mm. An additional adaptor is also available for smaller shafts starting from 30mm in […]

Torque Transducers, Torque Meters and Torque Sensors
05 December, 2007

Torque Sensors, Torque Meters & Torque Transducers from Datum Electronics Please note that our 420 Series of Torque sensors are now replaced by an enhanced 425 Series. The Series 425 torque sensors combine higher accuracy and improved performance, making them a go-to solution on the torque measurement market. Rotary Torque Transducers Series 420, latest non-contact […]