August 2, 2008

The Datum 440 Torque analyser and PDA system is a non-contact torque transducer which uses a remote handheld PDA based indicator.


The torque data is transmitted from the coupling/rotor via a digital telemetry system.

Power provided to the unit via standard “C” size re-chargeable batteries.

The Datum 440 system comprises three parts; a Torque Analyser Rotor installed on the coupling (Instrument), a Torque Analyser PDA Indicator and a Battery charger unit/system.

The Instrument is a rotary, non contact transducer with fully potted electronics. This makes the unit extremely rugged, and ideal for Field based applications. 1-torque-transducer-pda-thumbnail

The PDA Interface has an antenna for receiving data from the Instrument and a USB interface for logging data to a PC.

Torque data can be logged to files stored on the PDA and then downloaded to a PC via the PDA’s port or via Bluetooth connection.

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