22 November 17

New EU Legislation on Vehicle Weights and How It Affects Truck Manufacturers


Owners of all heavy goods vehicles that are used within the European Union, must comply with rules that surround their weight, height, width, and length. The new legislation is aimed at making roads safer, improving efficiency and making road transport greener. Currently, these vehicles have to regularly spend time being weighed at a weighbridge, which is time-consuming and disruptive, yet…

02 November 17

We Are Explaining How to Maximise Vessel Performance at Europort in Rotterdam


Environmental concerns and strict control of operating costs are two major factors shaping the future of the marine industry today. Ship owners and operators, without exception, are looking to optimise performance are concentrating on creating smarter, autonomous vessels. Innovative solutions such as big data and new IT integration systems are making waves and becoming more familiar with modern maritime leaders,…

10 October 17

Top Weighing and Strain Measurement Applications for Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensors


Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensors measure changes in the stress levels of vessel or structure support, producing an electrical output proportional to the changes in weight. Designed to easily fit numerous applications in any harsh environment, they eliminate the need for complicated and costly installation works and provide accurate and reliable results for many years. Growing Importance of Bolt-On Sensors Current…

02 October 17

Datum Electronics Appoints New Commercial Marine Product Manager


Datum Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Gladdis as our New Commercial Marine Product Manager. Mark has been at Datum for thirteen years and brings with him a wealth of experience in the marine industry, including practical involvement aboard many vessels. Datum Electronics is a global product leader and innovator in torque & shaft power measurement…

25 September 17

Datum Electronics Ltd to attend Automotive Testing Expo North America – Stand 3023


Datum Electronics Ltd, a world-leading supplier and manufacturer of torque and shaft power measurement solutions, will be joining their forces with our American distributors, Comtel, to attend the Automotive Testing Expo North America. Held in Novi, Michigan, USA, on 24-26 October, it provides the perfect opportunity to meet industry experts, discuss challenges and opportunities, and meet prospective customers within the…

20 September 17

Using A Torque Sensor To Measure Motor Efficiency Performance


Our client, Stannah, spends a good deal of their time on fostering innovation and continuous improvement to deliver the best quality products, flexible solutions and superior service, helping over 600,000 people rediscover their independence at home, saving energy for more enjoyable things, like socialising with their children and grandchildren. To meet the most stringent requirements in the industry and exceed them,…

05 September 17

Datum Electronics Will Be Attending The LISW To Help Ship Operators Save Costs


Every year brings new challenges and opportunities to the Maritime Industry, with the biggest challenge still being the management of capacity, demand and supply. New, bigger ships are replacing older models, with emerging technologies appearing, aimed at improving efficiency and sustainability of the shipping sector. Due to Great Britain’s geographical position, the maritime sector plays an important role as a…

24 August 17

Understanding The Viscosity of Fresh Concrete By Measuring Torque


Normally, measuring the supply current during the mix process controls the concrete viscosity and provides an indication when the correct mix consistency has been achieved. If the power, supplied to the motor, is fluctuating and not at a consistent level, it can be difficult to keep costs at a controllable level and waste concrete was becoming a huge issue. Therefore, a…

20 July 17

Advancing Motor Performance with Accurate Torque Measurement In-House


Last year the Edinburgh University Formula Student (EUFS) Team took part in the Class 1 of Formula Student, the world’s largest student engineering competition run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and received the “Spirit of the Formula Student Award”. In preparation for this year’s competition, the EUFS team were aiming to improve their performance at Silverstone with a new, and a…

12 June 17

New Product Design Verification by Measuring Torque Output Of A Tractor PTO Shaft In The Field


Comer Industries is a worldwide leader in design and production of systems for power transmission for agricultural and industrial machinery worldwide. The company, working together with Kirby Manufacturing, who specialise in producing cattle feeding equipment in the USA, developed a shaft power transmission for a high capacity feed mixer with the ability to shift gears while the machine is running (without…

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