High Performance Torque Sensors for Government Applications

As the specialists in torque, speed and shaft power measurement Datum Electronics are happy to work with all customers from SME’s up to Government organisations.  As we listen to our customers requirements we take standard package of sensors and apply them direct to specific situations tailoring to the customer needs using our consultancy skills to ensure that the right solution is found.

We have worked with the EU Government as the recommended supplier of shaft power measurement for the Fisheries Engine Verification trials that all EU countries must adhere to.  We supplied and trained many EU countries fisheries agencies on the compact shaft power measurement system which allows them to accurately measure and log the power data from the propeller shaft without the need to add anything inline.

As our Naval Torsion Meter has passed both DEFSTAN and MILSPEC classification we supply our torsion meter to several countries navies worldwide giving them the ability to accurately measure power ensuring they are getting the best data to help fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

If you have an application where the measurement of torque, strain or power please contact our friendly sales team and we will be happy to advise you on which of our products meets your needs.

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