Datum Torque Sensors, Torque Transducers & Torque Meters

M425 rotary torque sensor with keyway shafts offers high accuracy of 0.1% and torque measurement range from 0-10Nm up to 60,000Nm as standard. It's an inline rotation torque transducer, widely used for motor, gearbox and pump torque testing.
Contactless Torque Transducers with flange couplings at either end with measuring ranges from 0-100Nm up to 30kNm as standard (bespoke sensors up to 16MNm) for a variety of in line static and rotary torque measurement applications.
These contactless Torque Transducers are not limited by operational speeds, can fit any shaft and capable of measuring torque from 1Nm and up to 500kNm, providing highly accurate and reliable torque measurement in many applications.
The Marine Shaft Power Meter Systems developed to provide ongoing power monitoring data on propulsion shafts, thrusters & diesel generators, and are commonly used for fuel economy and equipment maintenance planning programs.
Our Power Take Off Shaft Torque & Power Monitoring System will monitor and log the torque, shaft speed and transmitted power accurately when testing new systems driven from all standard PTO Shafts.
Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System has passed rigorous MOD and MIL testing programmes and is able to provide an accurate tool to monitor propeller shafts on ships by measuring shaft speed, torque and power.
The Series 460 3-Hole Bolt-on strain sensor has a unique design, eliminating the temperature effect on bending and strain of the application, and can work in almost any environment and in any weather.
Our Series 460 2-Hole Bolt-On Sensor is not only an essential product for measuring micro-strain, but it can also become an integral part of a strain monitoring system for using in harsh environments.
The C441© (Pro-Dig-Intellitork©) helical screw pile torque, thrust, angle rpm measurement system is a wireless completely contactless highly accurate torque sensor for those who need to confidently measure and verify heavy duty torque for insertion of helical screw piles.
Shaft Power Measurement Kits are available in two formats, the standard and the compact kit. The compact kit is ideal for single day trials, while the standard one is used for long duration trials of between 30-60 days.
Datum Hawk is an advanced self-learning condition monitoring system, represents the ultimate sensor system for real-time condition-based ship monitoring, providing savings of both time and money.
Silo Hawk is the market-leading non-intrusive real time weighing solution for silos and other weighing apparatus, using the high accuracy measurement solutions from our Bolt On sensors range.
The Type Load Cell 131 Amplifier is designed to interface to a full bridge strain gauge based load cell or similar sensor allowing the user to use the data from the load cell in a more efficient and productive way.
The Type 132 Amplifier is designed to amplify the signal from any load cell with full bridge connection, allowing the user to use the data from the load cell in a more efficient and productive way.
FF410 Static Reaction Torque Transducer has been designed with nominal rated torque levels from 100 to 10,000 Nm. Using standard DIN flanges, this static transducer is made more efficient than other options available.
DUI Torque Display is the perfect companion to our torque sensors & shaft power measurement systems that allows you to configure the calibration and logging of Torque, RPM, Power into a simple text file for analysis.
We also offer Rotary Power Sensors, Rotary Torque Sensors and Torque Meters that are capable of measurements above our standard range of 20,000Nm to meet the needs of our customers within a commercial environment.
Datum Electronics are able to provide both modular and custom designed torque and rotary strain measurement solutions, which can be complete as one off or as fully integrated OEM solutions.
Our custom Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensors are designed and manufactured to your application, based on your drawings and specifications, including all types of output formats. Ideal for dynamic load monitoring, capable of measuring axle stresses and weight with high accuracy.
Datum Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System suitable for both offshore and onshore wind turbines and is designed to detect and prevent failures of generator, gearboxes and rotor bearing failures in wind turbines, by highly accurate real-time monitoring.
The Type 133 Load Cell Amplifier enables a customer to be able to configure and amplify analogue outputs to several combinations based input ranges and on Current or Voltage outputs.
The OPTIMASS 6400 is the standard high-performance Coriolis mass flowmeter for advanced ship fuel applications in the marine industry, including fuel consumption monitoring of MGO, MDO, LNG and other liquids.
Optimass 1400 Flowmeter is a high-accuracy Coriolis mass flowmeter for general ship fuel applications in the marine industry, including fuel mass, density and volume flow measurement (±0.15% of MV) in the harshest conditions on ships.

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